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can't select user in reassign window

Question asked by kenjiang on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2013 by faisalgeek
Thank you for your reply in advance.

I can't select other user in reassign window.when I type Foz..,there are not user list show and I can "select myself" only but other function in explore is work well.

um ..I use below diff. platform to test.
activiti version is 5.13
OS is windows7/Linux
Tomcat server is 6/7

but in other  windows Xp,i can select the user..

Do you have any hints?

Does it use rest API to get user list,could you provide the url for me to test the rest api is work or not.

I am not sure is it caused by below issue,Do you have example for me to add in because I also try it and seems still not work

Due to default security properties on Tomcat, escaped forward slashes (%2F and %5C) are not allowed by default (400-result is returned). This may have an impact on the deployment resources and their data-URL, as the URL can potentially contain escaped forward slashes. When issues are experienced with unexpected 400-results, set the following system-property: -Dorg.apache.tomcat.util.buf.UDecoder.ALLOW_ENCODED_SLASH=true.