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timer events don't stop at process end

Question asked by mokematt on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2014 by mghb2009
i got a problem with timer events in my process definition. I got 2 timer events, the first for sending an e-mail notification after 4 weeks, the second for stopping the process through a following cancel event after 8 weeks.

<intermediateCatchEvent id="CatchWait8Weeks" name="Warte 8 Wochen">
    <timerEventDefinition id="CatchWait8WeeksED">
<sequenceFlow id="SF57" sourceRef="CatchWait8Weeks" targetRef="CancelStandardForm"/>
<endEvent id="CancelStandardForm" name="Cancel">
        <cancelEventDefinition id="CancelStandardFormED"/>

<boundaryEvent attachedToRef="StandardForm" cancelActivity="false" id="Wait4Weeks" name="Warte 4 Wochen">
    <timerEventDefinition id="Wait4Weeks_ED_1">
<sequenceFlow id="SF52" sourceRef="Wait4Weeks" targetRef="SendReminderNotification"/>
<serviceTask activiti:type="mail" completionQuantity="1" id="SendReminderNotification" implementation="##WebService" isForCompensation="false" name="Erinnerungsmail schicken" startQuantity="1">


When i start a process instance and end it through the default way so the end event is reached the process instance don't end. The timer jobs are allready there and the process instance isn't finished. Is there a problem in my bpmn xml?

thanks for help