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Timerstartevent does not work correctly

Question asked by houstoniasian on Oct 11, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by jbarrez
1.  timerStart -:> serviceTask1 -> serviceTask2 -> humanTask

The above work flow works fine.  I set the timer to start the process every 20s.  Every 20s, it start a new process and stop at humanTask waiting for user input.  So after 1 minute, I expect to see 3 processes.

2.  timerStart -> serviceTask1 -> serviceTask2 -> loopbackto serviceTask2 (serviceTask2 looking for a certain condition and if it meets the condition, the process will go to humanTask)

In this case, if the current process keep looping back to serviceTask2, timer will NOT start a new process.  So after 1 minute, I only see 1 process that keep running and looping back to serviceTask2.  I expect there are three processes, not one. 

It seems like timerstartevent will not start a new process if the previous process did not reach the end or a human task.  To confirm this behavior, I test this scenario:

timerStart (every 20s) -> serviceTask -> endEvent.  Inside serviceTask, I put a Thread.sleep for 1 minute.  Sure enough, timerStart does not start a new process after the current process goes to endEvent.

Is this a "designed" behavior of timerStartEvent or is it a bug?

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