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TimerBoundaryEvent keep the process from completion

Question asked by chamindakiriwendala on Oct 23, 2013
I have a question about TimerBoundaryEvent. In my small workflow with three user tasks, one service task and three time boundary events.

The flow is as below

01. Start
02. Task 1 (User Task with Timer1(1 min - cancelActivity="false") and Timer2(2 min - cancelActivity="true")).
03. Task 2 (User Task with Timer3(1 min - cancelActivity="true"))
04. Task 3 (User Task)
05. Task 4 (Service Task)
06. End


01. start
02. Task 1
03. 1 min elasped,
    - Task 1 route to Task 2.
04. 2 mins elapsed,
    - Task 1 route to Task 4 and End
    - Task 2 route to End

My question is after 2 min flow comes to the end in all routing. But, the process instance is still there in process instance list of activiti explorer, I checked the activiti DB for run-time data, except table ACT_RU_EXECUTION and ACT_RU_JOB, all the other run-time data tables are empty. I doubt why this process instance doesn't go to history and disappear from run-time process list. Is it a bug in Activiti Explorer.