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Question asked by phamdacloc on Oct 28, 2013
I'm having difficulty making may BPM solution attractive without being able to displaying the picture in a convenient fashion.  Does anyone knows of an alternative solution to display/view image in the "Related Content" file?  The Image Viewer needs to render the image on the Activiti Explorer (not via popup).  It's also important that the image viewer allows zooming capability. 

Working on a BPM solution, I think this capability is frequently being required as ingested documents needs to be displayed for data entry operation (side-by-side).  At the same time, other use cases may require the Image Viewer to display or highlight a specified coordinates.

I have looked into DeajaView and VirtualViewer, but their price is off the hook (~5K/license).  I'm gearing toward opensource if that's available. 

Many thanks