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No process variables if exception is thrown?

Question asked by clstokes on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by trademak
If an exception is thrown from a service (or script) task, then none of the process variables added during that process are available after it completes. Is this expected?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<definitions id="definitions"

  <process id="ResultAndExceptionTest">

    <startEvent id="start"/>

    <sequenceFlow id="_1" sourceRef="start" targetRef="putValue"/>
    <sequenceFlow id="_2" sourceRef="putValue" targetRef="printValue"/>
    <sequenceFlow id="_end" sourceRef="printValue" targetRef="end"/>

    <scriptTask id="putValue"
        def map = execution.getVariable( 'references' )
        map.put( 'myValue1', 'asdf' )
        execution.setVariable( 'references', map )

    <scriptTask id="printValue"
        def map = execution.getVariable( 'references' )
        map.put( 'myValue2', 'asdf' )
        execution.setVariable( 'references', map )

        throw new IllegalArgumentException("whoops")

    <endEvent id="end"/>


In this example, neither myValue1 or myValue2 are available via a HistoricProcessInstanceQuery call.

I'm trying to get the process variables with this code below which works fine for a successful completion.

List<HistoricProcessInstance> results = historyService.createHistoricProcessInstanceQuery()
      .processInstanceBusinessKey( context.jobId )

Also, what's the best way via the HistoryService (or another service) to determine if a process has failed? endTime is always null for a failed process so I can't tell if it's failed or still going without doing JobQuery to check for an exception message.

Thanks for the help.