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Activiti 5.14 + PostgreSQL(nondefault shema) dose not work

Question asked by nazavoya on Nov 1, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by nazavoya
  Hi, I'm a Java programmer from China, I use Activiti as the workflow engine for our company's software,but I encounter a problem, and this problem also happened on previous version.
We use the PostgreSQL as our DB, when I created the activiti tables in the fefault shema(public) ,there's no problerm,but when I created them in another one(activiti) ,an also config the "databaseSchema=activiti"  and "databaseTablePrefix=activiti.",then I start my web app, it has errors :“Activiti database problem: Tables missing for component(s) engine, history, identity …….", and the "databaseSchemaUpdate=true" looks like doesn't support PostgreSQL's nondefault schema. so I wander that,is there any bug in current version,or I have somthing wrong with my config file? i have check my config file many times, and just do not work at nondefault schema.