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Repeat a certain part of the process tree.

Question asked by dognose on Nov 4, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by trademak

we have a process on which we want to start 1 to n sub-processes, where we ofc. don't know n during designtime.

The subprocesses should be started, whenever a user completes a certain task on the parent process.
This certain Task however should stay available for further usage.

My first thought was to build a "loop", so whenever the "StartAnotherInstance"-Task is completed, a subprocess is started, and then the execution returns to another instance of the "StartAnotherInstance"-Task… However theres a problem, when 2 people are working at the same time. The one that first completes the "StartAnotherInstance"-Task will work, but the second one ofc. will work on an already completed task, and therefore can not complete it.

Is there a way to "complete" a Task (and let the execution continue) without actually "completing" the given task?

Basically a Task that can be completed infinite times, without beeing actually closed?

Maybe i'm running into the X-Y Problem here (, and my desired Approach is not really the solution to my problem.

Any suggestions are welcome :)