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Email Option for Tasks.

Question asked by renjithek1 on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2013 by renjithek1
Greetings Activiti Forum,

We are from Saudi Arabia and we have just finished evaluating the Activiti 5.13 and are very impressed by this BPM product.

As per the company’s decision, we want to use only the Task functionality of Activiti now.

Later on we will move to Process and Reports, but as of now the focus is on Tasks.

While focusing on Activiti Tasks, we need some enhancement or customization and that is basically the email option for tasks.

1)When a new Task is created, an email must be send to the assignee as well as the person involved in that particular Task.

2)When there is re-assign of Task and also when involved person is removed from Task, an email must be send to that particular person.

3)Suppose a Task having a due date with high priority and if this Task not completed within the due date then this Task must be closed or completed automatically and archived.

4)The Owner of the Task must get an email when the assignee completes the Task or before it is archived.

5)How to re-open a completed or archived Task

These are we looking for and so can you provide some suggestions or guidelines for accomplishing this enhancements on Activiti  BPM.

With thanks & best regards

Renjith  E K