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Activiti Modeler not rendering XML correctly for Start Message Event

Question asked by jimhowarth on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by jimhowarth
I am trying to create a Start Message Event inside of an Event Subprocess and am running into issues with both the Activiti Modeler inside of Activiti Explorer as well as the Activiti Diagram Editor Eclipse plugin:

<strong>Version 5.13</strong>: For “start message event” if you add a value to the “Message reference”  property, the Activiti Modeler allows you to save, but an error is thrown that prevents you from Deploying/Exporting etc (In the xml, the messageRef attribute does not get created within the messageEventDefinition element).  The Activiti Diagram Editor Eclipse plugin does not have this problem.

In <strong>Version 5.14</strong>, the problem above gets corrected, but the message never gets defined at the top of the xml, so when you go to deploy, you get an exception stating that the message is never defined. There are two workarounds for this, but both are not good because my preference would be to edit and deploy from within activiti explorer:

<li>Manually edit the xml and define the message at the top of the xml</li>
<li>Use the Activiti Diagram Editor plugin for Eclipse.  This also needs a workaround because you first have to create the Message Start Event outside of the Event Sub Process border and then drag it within the Event Sub Process border.</li>

I've tried many different combinations to get this to work within the Activiti Modeler and have searched the interwebs high and low for an answer to no avail.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.