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Don't script tasks with print command work?

Question asked by ale83_webmaster on Nov 24, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2014 by smirzai
I'm starting to use Activiti for my degree thesis.
I've created a symple Hello world! example of process like the one explained at pag. 37 of the book "Activiti in Action", with only a start and an end event and in the middle a script task where I've inserted the following Groovy code:
out:println "MESSAGE";
I've designed it in Eclipse and then I've deployed and run it in Activiti Explorer, but, when I do this, after the message "Process myProcess has been started" nothing more happens. Is it normal? Shouldn't it show to me the message I've written in the command on the screen?
I've tried also to use the code
instead, but anything change. I've also tried to use Javascript instead of Groovy, but then I see the following warning message when I run the process.