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How to decrease SQL requests in Activiti?

Question asked by limcheekin on Nov 23, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by trademak
Hi there,

I re-post a question related to performance optimization from an user of the Activiti plugin here from the following URL:!topic/grails-activiti-plugin/ymkd6wl0O9s

After configuring sql log with log4jdbc in my app, I see a lot of requests to database, and my app stops after many concurrent users !

I see after calling start(params) or completeTask(params) in my controller, it's about 20 SQL requests to database, there is no process variable (only two insert into ACT_RU_VARIABLE …). sometimes it's going on 60 sql request if there is many variables in my params object. Is this normal ?

Also when I call start(params) in first time, I see a loop of sql requests (select * from ACT_RE_PROCDEF where DEPLOYMENT_ID_ = '4201' and KEY_ = xxxxx ) throughout all my process definitions.

How can I decrease these sql requests ?

Thank you so much.