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Is activiti a good fit for my use case?

Question asked by jdkida on Nov 29, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by felipe1
I just read through all of the intro docs and did the 10min tuturial on the activiti toolkit. I know it will be able to accomplish what i need and so much more, but i wanted to get someones opinion first to make sure activiti is a good fit and not a complete overkill.

I need to create a support/IT case workflow wizard, I will be using GWT(Google Web Toolkit) for the frontend. The workflows slides will need to be decision based and managers(non-dev) will need to be able to create them. However there will also need to be some custom decision event code where I will have some java code doing checks and tests to determine which workflow slide will come next.

From what i read Activiti sounds to me like a great framework to start with, it contains the tools needed so managers can create these workflows with a GUI based application, and I can create the custom unque test events when needed.

I just wanted someone else who has actually used Activiti to tell me that this is a good choice for my use case, and there is not a simpler helpdesk workflow engine framework i should use instead, (this is obviously gonna be just an opinionated answer).

I also feel that once we see how powerfull Activiti is we could use it in other areas… but for now, if I were to only use it for creating tickets/cases that helped agents troubleshoot an issue correctly is this a good fit?