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Activiti Database Scalability

Question asked by awadhambika on Nov 28, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2014 by trademak
We are planning to use ACTIVITI on a big scale in our organizations i.e. as an enterprise level solution for our Workflow related needs.
Now, we are assuming the below scenarios:
a) No. of Workflow processes = approx. 200
b) No. of instances per process = approx. 100000
c) No. of tasks per process = approx. 10
d) No. of processserver/local variables = 10

Total No. of process Instances = apprx. 200*100000 = 20 Million
Total No. OF Tasks = 20*10 = 200 Million
Total No. OF variables = 2 Billion

(Kindly correct if my calculation is wrong somewhere.)

Based on the above i am expecting ACTIVITI to handle data size of order billions.

My question is that, can ACTIVITI scale to such huge amount of data without addding any  overhead to the Data Base?
Please  suggest ideal DB size required for the same and optimization measures recommended.