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LDAP custom configuration in 5.14

Question asked by yuryshaban on Dec 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by fatma19
Good afternoon.

The problem is:
i'm trying to write my own LDAPGroupManager and LDAPUserManager (with their factories).
My classes are implemented very simple - MyLdapXXX extends org.activiti.ldap.LDAPXXX.

Before trying to exchange standard ones with mine, Activiti with LDAP worked fine: methods as checkPassword, userQuery().userId("…") worked correct according to data from my LDAP, even Activiti Explorer read authentification from my LDAP (worked on similad LDAP settings as my test application).

But after setting ldapGroupManagerFactory, ldapUserManagerFactory method ProcessEngines.getDefaultProcessEngine() is returning null (silence in GlassFish4 console).
I do understand, that I'm doing something wrong in my activiti.cfg.xml, but can't find what. :(

Could someone share full activiti.cfg.xml with correctly set custom ldapGroupManagerFactory and ldapUserManagerFactory.

Thanks in advance.