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I am An Activiti,Openbravo,Java/J2EE Developer with 2+ years of experience ,please let me know if their are any job openings

Question asked by raviraj on Dec 8, 2013

                                                                             CURRICULUM VITAE

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To be associated with a progressive organization which can provide me with a dynamic work sphere to extract my inherent skills as a Professional, use and develop my aptitude to further the organization’s objectives and also attain my career targets in the progress.

•   2+ years of experience in developing Software Applications using Java / J2EE technologies
•   Good working exposure in Software Application Development based on J2EE enterprise solutions using Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, spring and JPA (Hibernate),Openbravo.
•   Good Knowledge in using Open Source frameworks.
•   Strong technical skills & good exposure to Java.
•   Work experience in Openbravo and Activiti, OBDal.
•   Good communications and inter-personal skills.


Primary Skills   Programming in Java, J2EE
Operating Systems   Windows 2000/XP, Windows 7, Ubuntu 12.04, Oracle Linux
Languages   Java 1.5/1.6.
Client / Server Technologies   J2EE 1.4, Servlets 2.5 , JSP 2.0 .
Framework   Struts 1.3, Struts 2.0,Spring 3.0,JSF 2.0
ERP   Openbravo 3.0
Business Process Management(BPM)   Activiti
Banking Software   Finacle
Configuration Tools   CVS 2.5, Mercurial
ORM   Hibernate 3.0,JPA 2.0,OBDal
Databases   Oracle  ,MySQL
Application Servers    Weblogic 10.3, Tomcat 6.0,Tomcat 7.0,JBoss 6.0,JBoss 7.0.2
Development Tools   Edit Plus,Eclipse 4.0, Toad 8.6 ,SQLyog v10.00,Sqldeveloper
Testing Tools   JUnit 4.10
Development Methodology   Agile
Database Connectivity   JDBC
Logging Tool   Log4j
Modeling Tool   Enterprise Architect
Build Tool   Maven,Apache Ant.

•   Working as a Software Engineer at  Chimera Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore since Aug -2013 to till date.
•   Worked as a Software Engineer at  Innovation Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore since Jan -2012 to Aug-2013.

•   Completed B.E in Computer Science Engineering from R.E.C. Hulkoti, under Visveshwariah Technological University.


1.Project Name  : Openbravo(Federal Bank)

Team Size      :12

Duration         :Aug 2013 to Till Now

Environment  :Java1.6,Openbravo,OBDal,Activiti,Webservice,Oracle,Oracle Linux, Tomcat 6, SqlDeveloper,Finacle.

Description:  The system should capture the new branch at the point of approval for new branches and particulars related to the new branches which will be essential to list out the essential standard Bill of Materials attached. The furniture and interior requirements thrown by the Bill of material explosion should also estimate the cost involved for it from the standard prices maintained for such assets. If any items to be added to the list of items required for the new branch other than standard bill of materials, the system should a provision to get it entered only after due approval.  If for any items rates are not available then it has to go through new supplier identification procedure for providing rates for estimating the cost involved. The system should also have facilities to get approximate rates for any new items but should be done only through proper approval.
The prepared estimates should be placed before the approval authority (Presently Board). The approval should be controlled through system defined work flow. On approval the system should consider it as frozen budget which will be used to control the actual spending at the time of request. The system should have provisions to maintain different version of budgets
On alert sent by system to the branches to submit the particulars about the furniture requirements for next one year, the system should accept the furniture requisitions for budget from the branches. The acceptance of furniture requisitions for budget from branches are to be kept open for a specified period (Say 3 weeks) and on completion of this period the system should close the furniture requisitions for budget automatically. The work flow of the system should be in such a way as to move the furniture requisitions for budget to the verifications of respective zonal offices to which the branches are attached. On completion of verification by the Zonal offices, the work flow should make the furniture requisitions for budget available for Head Office Planning department to place before the Board for approval. On approval system has to consider the approved figures as a frozen budget and should facilitate the controlling mechanism at the time of getting real request. Budget will be in units not in amount and the system should provide budget control to the units as well as the amount if the budget is in amount.
On requisition the system should provide only a list of APPROVED Assets for the respective branches as per budget approval. If the branch wants to request a non-budgeted asset it has to get the approval through work flow. The approval authority will consider the non-budgeted request, if genuine then approve and allow that item to get listed (only after tagging it as non-budgeted item) so that the branches can select such items. On completion of selection the system should compute the cost of such request from the rates from the approved supplier list specified for respective items. Then such costs should be compared for approved budget figures for the respective items. If it is crossing the Budget figure or some limit before reaching the budgeted figure then
(1)   Alerts may be generated and will be allowed or
(2)   Alert along with pushing towards some approval procedure or
(3)   Alert with block the transaction depending on the policy on budget control configured in the system for that category expenses. (The system should have a configuration facility to control the budgeted expenses and when it crosses the limit whether to allow it with alert or allow it after approval or not to allow it).

Categorization of approval mechanism can be taken on in next phase, currently either to allow or escalate can be provided in workflow.
The requisition approval limit should be inbuilt in the system as per Banks policy and procedure. The system should have work flow configuration to direct the approval process as per banks approval policy & procedure.  Ex. Present flow for fixed asset requisition approval is as follows:
Requisition will be approved by zonal office (Manager) if it is within the limit (delegated authority). If it is above the delegated limit then zonal office will forward it to HO. In case of non approved vendor (supplier of the product requested)  - two or three quote to be obtained from the supplier and will be sent for Zonal office recommendation – On Zonal office recommendation the request will be directed to HO for approval.
HO Approval process: Branch request will be verified by user1 along with the recommendation of zonal office (e-capital will have uploaded quote?) and forward it to user2 (Chief Manager). User2 will have limits up to which he/she can sanction. If the limit exceeds then it will be forwarded to user 3 (Its own limit for sanction). When the limit crosses the user 3 delegated authorities, then request will be forwarded to ED for approval.
The system should have a provision to maintain the empanelment of “Approved disposal vendors for each category of assets” and system should also support the empanelment procedure followed by the bank
The system should have the provision to accommodate the disposal policy of the bank and the related work flow. The system should have provisions to analyze quotation from approved vendors (two or three quotes) and on uploading it should give an alert to zonal office. The wetting will be done by the zonal office and the disposal request along with zonal office wetting parameters to be forwarded to Head office approval work flow.
(Present work flow is as follows: User 1 will prepare note and pass it on to user 2 - User 2 will sign and pass it on to user3 - user 3 on approval will sent back to user1 and user 1 will communicate to branches.)
The person making the sale will confirm the sale and will pass the sale entries (controlled by the approved data). On passing of sale confirmation, necessary entries are to be updated in system like history data, asset register (sold status), financial accounts updating etc and an alert to be given by the system to HO approval authority. HO approval authority will verify the sale particulars through system and on any discrepancies will initiate query with the person who is responsible for the sale.
•   Integration of Activi with Openbravo.
•   Creating Activiti Diagram and Writing corresponding  Java Rest webservice classes
And Linking Activiti diagram to java classes.
•   Work flow determination and implementation.
•   Creating Openbravo Modules and Windows.
•   Creating Database Tables.
•   Creating Tables and Columns in Openbravo and creating window tabs and fields.
•   Writing Display logic and Read only logic.
•   Writing Java Callout.
•   Finacle integration and writing java client side SOP-Webservice classes.
•   Involved in Coding of server side components – Business Service and DAO.

2. Project Name  : Transformer Failure Management System

Team Size         :    6

Duration          :   Nov 2012 to Aug 2013
Environment    :    Java 1.7, JSF 2.0, Spring 3.0, Hibernate 3.0, Mysql Server, Jboss 6.0

Description       : There are 1,64,139 transformers each of which need to be monitored continuously by providing unique id for individual transformer.
Enhancement Required
•   Pending status and details of DTC zone wise, division wise, sub division wise, section wise and also constituency wise.
•   MIS reports for failure monthly, yearly, constituency wisezone wise, division wise, sub division wise and section wise.
•   Options to add new fields like new make, new capacity and such other.
•   Delete option and edit option after saving the docket details.
•   Problems while printing i.e multiple pages and distorted prints.
•   Require pending transformers reports at any point of time.
•   Billing process reports.
•   SMS facility on failure update
•   Reports capacity wise, date wise, make wise.
•   Authorized access for editing and changing data .
•   Keeping a track of changes being made by a particular user and system details
from which the changes have been made along with the time stamp.


•   Involved in converting html to JSF.

•   Involved in Coding of server side components – Business Service and DAO.

•   Involved in Unit testing of server side components – Business Service and DAO

•   Writing DAO Interface and Implementing with Hibernate.

•   Involved in generating Hibernate Entities

•   Involved in the validation of fields in Server side.
•   Involved in gathering  requirements and preparation of Use cases and Prototypes.
•   Involved in the writing of Page Code classes, faces-config.xml  file And applicationContext.xml.

3. Project Name  :  Computerized Works Management System

Team Size         :    6

Duration          :   Jan 2012 to  Nov 2012 
Environment    :   Java 1.7, JSF 2.0, EJB 3.0, Hibernate 3.0, Mysql Server, Weblogic 10.3

Description       :

                 It is a system specially developed for managing the numerous works undertaken by civic bodies like the MUDA,Corporations and Municipalities etc. CWMS covers the procedures, information flows & document flows to be followed. It also includes a wide range of reports to cater to different levels of themanagement. It also includes the necessary software for the functioning of CWMS. The proposed system was expected to address the following issues in particular
1.Lack of a common database
2.Duplication of work
3.Lack of control over issue of work order
4.Lack of a common field to track a work from start to finish
5.Lack of proper MIS
6.Lack of integration of financial / technical information
7.Inadequate controls
8.Emergency works

The important features of CWMS are:

1. CWMS provides a system of coding of all works undertaken. The Work Code is unique to
each work and facilitates tracking of the work throughout its life cycle

2. CWMS eliminates the need to maintain multiple records. Information is captured only once
and different registers / statements can be generated out of CWMS

3. CWMS has different modules to suit the various stages that a work passes through

4. Each person operating on CWMS has a unique identity which ensures that control
mechanisms and security are not compromised

5. CWMS provides a separate procedure for emergency works and also a procedure for
regularization of such works

6. CWMS acts as a single source of data for all works related information, thereby ensuring the
integrity of the information generated

7. CWMS reduces manual work by computerizing key activities

8. CWMS provides for maintenance of a panel of registered contractors. This database can be
referred to while awarding contracts

9. CWMS brings about standardization in day to day working of the Engineering and Finance
Department. It also ensures that the necessary details are captured with minimal extra effort
on the part of the operational staff

10. CWMS contains a range of reports catering to different levels of Management. These reports
are categorized as Detailed, Summary and Analytical reports to suit the decision making
needs of different levels of management


•   Involved in converting html to JSF.
•   Involved in Coding of server side components – Business Service and DAO.
•   Involved in Unit testing of server side components – Business Service and DAO
•   Writing DAO Interface and Implementing with Hibernate.
•   Involved in generating Hibernate Entities
•   Involved in the validation of fields in Server side.
•   Involved in gathering  requirements and preparation of Use cases and Prototypes.
•   Involved in the writing of Page Code classes, faces-config.xml  file.


•   Actively Participated in curricular activities at School and College Level
•   Participated in a numerous Science Fairs
•   Listening Music, Painting


•   Good communication skills
•   Confidence & personal integrity are my most important aspects
•   Like to have group discussions
•   My skill is my performance on my work
•   Willingness to learn things proactively


Linguistic Fluency: English,Kannada, Hindi
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                                       3rd cross,
                                       1st main
                                       2nd stage,
                                       vinayaka layout,
                                       vijay nagar-560040,