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How to generate the diagram of a Deployed Workflow

Question asked by vire7777 on Dec 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by martin.grofcik
Hi Dear Activiti Community

Maybe someone could tell me how it could be possible to have the diagram of a deployed Workflow (after the Bpmn deployment) without any instance of it.
I would love to show my users the different diagram before they launch an instance of the specified workflow.

I use this to bring the diagram of my launched instances :

"ProcessEngine processEngine = UserSession.getProcessEngine(session);

// get the diagram image
ProcessDefinitionEntity pde = (ProcessDefinitionEntity) ((RepositoryServiceImpl) processEngine.getRepositoryService()).getDeployedProcessDefinition(defintionId);
InputStream diagStream = ProcessDiagramGenerator.generatePngDiagram(pde);"

I would love something similar but for not launched (instanced) Process, just deployed ones.
Could you help me ?