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Queries about process engine performance

Question asked by rishiraj.kalla on Dec 10, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2013 by rishiraj.kalla
Hi All,

We have recently started evaluating Activiti for one of the client requirements and were trying to figure out the performance benchmarks if defined in any document. Since the client is looking for a great concurrent user base (about 500 concurrent users). I am looking to find out answers on the below queries. if anyone who has applied load/performance testing on Activiti engine or based on experience can provide inputs on below mentioned queries, it will be a great help:

1. Largest number of process models deployed
2. Largest number of concurrently running process instances
3. Largest number of individual end-users per day
4. Largest number of servers in clustered deployment
5. Largest number of in-memory transactions per day and per CPU
6. Largest number of persistent transactions per day and per CPU
7. Largest number of concurrent individual users supported.