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Running Junit 3 style of coding with junit-4.8.1.jar is feasible?

Question asked by monika_b on Dec 11, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by monika_b
I need to integrate activiti in existing web application. My Project already has junit-4.8.1.jar included (with which I am not able to get
'JUnit 4 style of coding' working properly(using ActivitiRule etc)). Though I am able to run 'Junit 3 style of coding' (extending ActivitiTestCase) working good with this jar itself.

Q: Can I use Junit 3 style of coding extending ActivitiTestCase with junit-4.8.1.jar ? Or it will leads to some problems later on for complex flows?
I really need good reason why to upgrade to junit-4.11.jar in my existing project as it incorporates more extra testing effort.
<b>Please would someone point ActivitiRule is beneficial compare to ActivitiTestCase?? </b>

Thanks a lot for helping.

Note: I have already posted this question in link
But got lost somewhere in between the conversation. So posted a new one for more clarity.