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Activiti process model interaction/global perspective (read content for clarification)

Question asked by jsmith6690 on Dec 11, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by martin.grofcik
Activiti Community,

I am exploring BPM capabilities for possible use in our small IT company. One of the features we would really like, but have not yet found, is the ability to render a process model and interact with it in a webapp.

Allow me to clarify:  I understand that in process execution, users are issued tasks that queue up, and that users a notified as to which step they are in a process, but, neither users nor administrators can *see* where they are in a given process from a "global" perspective.  The process model, while viewable in the Activiti webapp, appears completely static (Active Process vs. Active Process *instnace)

In conclusion, I have a question/suggestion: 

Does Activiti have a way of rendering a process model such that users can visualize the *entire* process, and not just "checkin" at each step?
…And, if not, perhaps Activiti should consider an interactive, dynamic process model in the webapp.

Answers, feedback, tips for rendering such a process model all appreciated.