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ActivitiExplorer pointing to wrong database?

Question asked by mingway on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2013 by frederikheremans1
I have ActivitiExplorer 5.12, running in Eclipse/WTP/tomcat, the db is oracle.

First i point it to dev db, all data are correct, i can see 6 users on user-page.

Then I changed and point it to qa db, there is only 1 user, kermit in qa db. When I try to login, it's connecting to the correct qa db, so I'm able to use kermit to login. But when I open user-page, it's showing 6 users. If I change 1 user's name in dev db, I can see the change in the gui.

So seems login is using the correct qa db, but all other services, like task, historyService are still using the wrong dev db.

Is it cached? Or is there any other db config?

From logs, I can see they are using different api to get db connection:

When login:
[2013-12-12 14:34:30,999] http-bio-8080-exec-5 org.springframework.jdbc.datasource.DataSourceTransactionManager DEBUG - Acquired Connection [, UserName=WFLOW, Oracle JDBC driver] for JDBC transaction
[2013-12-12 14:34:30,999] http-bio-8080-exec-5 org.apache.ibatis.transaction.managed.ManagedTransaction DEBUG - Openning JDBC Connection

When open user page:
[2013-12-12 14:34:31,669] http-bio-8080-exec-5 org.apache.ibatis.transaction.jdbc.JdbcTransaction DEBUG - Openning JDBC Connection
[2013-12-12 14:34:31,679] http-bio-8080-exec-5 org.apache.ibatis.datasource.pooled.PooledDataSource DEBUG - Checked out connection 1947326607 from pool.

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