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call activiti vs subprocess

Question asked by monika_b on Dec 13, 2013
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fHi, I want to know the usecase when we should use call activiti vs subprocess.

I understands few reasons, like in subprocess we have hierarchical modeling and boundary events.
I am little not clear about process execution creation in both.

Question: What is the advantage of creation of a separate process execution in 'Call Activiti'? And How can it run parallel as "The super-execution waits until the subprocess is completely ended (from guide)"??

From User Guide Snippet:

When process execution arrives in the call activity, a new execution is created that is a sub-execution of the execution that arrives in the call activity. This sub-execution is then used to execute the subprocess, potentially creating parallel child execution as within a regular process. The super-execution waits until the subprocess is completely ended, and continues the original process afterwards.

Also, Please help me understand what is meaning of 'Sequence flow can not cross Sub-Process boundaries.'??

Many thanks for clarification of concepts.