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Model processes with table-driven definition

Question asked by b.schnarr on Dec 13, 2013
I modelled a simple process with the table-driven definition according to this screencast:

This process hast two steps: Request a refund via a form (name, amound, motivation) and handle this request by a management member via a form (1 textfield: agreed). After the management member has completed the task (filling in yes or no), the process is finished. But neither the user who started the process nor the management member who handeled the request can see the finished process in the activiti explorer afterwoods. The filled out forms are not visible, too.

Therefore my question: When I create an approval-process with activiti kickstart (table-driven definition), how can users see the result of this process in the explorer (e.g. see if the management has aggreed or not)?

As long as the process is not finished, I can see under Processes –> My instances all the variables. But as soon as the process is finished, I have no chance to see if my request was rejected or not. Do I get something wrong? The same problem occurs with the vacation approval process. What if I do not notify the user per mail that the request has been confirmed? Is it possible to see this in the explorer?

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