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Interacting with a running process

Question asked by jorell on Dec 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2014 by jorell
I have a unique use case I was hoping someone here could help me with. I have a process with a multiInstanceLoop that loops over a variable objects and calls a call activity for each item in the object list. The problem is that the object list is not static, and we get new object during the life of the process. Is there a way I can interact with my process while its running and give it a new batch of objects to process? I want to launch new call activities for the new objects but still keep the parent child relation ship (so the new processes are children of the original process for reporting purposes).
I looked at the intermediateCatchEvent if I could have the process with a always waiting intermediateCatchEvent right before the multiInstanceLoop (along with the regular path), I could always signal the process and update the object list and re-invoke the multiInstanceLoop. I know this is not possible currently, but I was hoping there is some other mechanism to accomplish this.

Another way to solve this would be if I could launch a new child process but let activiti know to treat a certain process A as its parent.