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Help:integrate Activiti Modeler to my application problem, cannot save

Question asked by jawfneo on Dec 24, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2014 by bshivaramreddy
I have integrated activiti Modeler to my separated application, and put all modeler resource to /modeler/ folder. So I enter from app to modeler by redirect url to "xxxxxx/modeler/service?editor=xxx". But I encounter a problem after enter in the modeler editor, after click save icon, it show a dialog (title is : Signavio) with message: "You do not have required rights to store that model. Please check in Signavio Explorer (localhost:8080/p/explorer), if you still have the rights to write in the target directory." After I click the link Signavio Explorer (localhost:8080/p/explorer), I would got http status 404 error.

Could help me! Thanks in advance!

Another question: When activiti do deploy bar file, do it support a class (Leave entity) file include the bar file. Then whether activiti:formProperty can use as '<activiti:formProperty id="leave.startDate" name="Start Date" type="date" varable="leave.startDate" datePattern="dd/MM/yyyy" required="true" writable="true" expression="${leave.startDate}">'