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Clarification about DelegateExecution and Execution

Question asked by gokceng1 on Dec 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2014 by gokceng1
The classes I've mentioned are:


The latter is used in JavaDelegate and ExecutionListeners. The former is the result of some RuntimeService API methods. Is there a relation between them? Is casting one to another is safe or may I use one of them's id to get/query another?

Afaik, DelegateExecution or ExecutionEntity is a small representation of an Execution at some activity. At each step Activiti can supply DelegateExecution or ExecutionEntity via ExecutionListener or JavaDelegate methods. I can get the main/broader view of the related execution using runtimeService.createExecutionQuery() method.

If there are some other relations or explanations over those classes could you please explain?