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IntermediateCatchEvent locked

Question asked by 7joeblack8 on Dec 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2014 by 7joeblack8

I'm using Activiti Engine on Alfresco  4.2.e.

i'm using workflow without any problem since yesterday when i found a "locked" timer.

the timer in the table "act_ru_job" di postgres is the only row which has "lock_exp_time_" and "lock_owner_" populated.

Now the "conditions" to leave the timer are satisfied, but the task won't proceed. Alfresco log hasn't error.

I don't want to kill the workflow related to this task, i tried to restart alfresco but the lock is still there.

Is there a way to manage this error?

I add that the "rev_" column every 5 minutes keep growing: i've read here about an "optimistic" exception which would lead to similar situation, but i didn't get any suggestion.

any help would be appreciated!!