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Interflow Communication

Question asked by mikebrown01 on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by mikebrown01

We have two flows that collaborate with each other. We have one  process (Flow A) that progresses to a certain point and then
waits for a message from Flow B.  Flow B sends a message to Flow A and then waits for a message back from Flow A.

An example is diagramed below.

Flow A:   

Start ———————–>   Message Catch Event ———————————->   Task ———-> End
                                                               /\                                                                                              |
                                                                |                                                                        sendMessage   | 
                                                                |   sendMessage                                                                        |
                                                                |                                                                                               |
Start  —>  Parallel Gateway  —–>  Task  ———->   Parallel Gateway  ——> End                     |
                              |                                                                          /\                                                    |
                              |                                                                           |                                                     |
                             +———-> Message Catch Event ———-+                                                     |
                                                                    /\                                                                                          |
                                                                     |                                                                                           |
Flow B:

The problem with this,  is even though the Message Catch Event (in Flow B) is configured to always be set first,
the event is not yet in the database. So when Flow A tries to sendMessage to Flow B, it fails.

Is there a way to resolve this?  Maybe there is a different way of handling flow interactions?