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Question asked by agrawalanish on Jan 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2014 by agrawalanish
I have a question.

I need to design a screen through which can browse a bpmn 2.0 file and deploy the process. This is perfectly fine and am able to do the same.

before starting the process, how to retrieve all the activities (user task, sub process, email task) for this process and allow admin of our application to assign custom role for each one. during execution use this custom role and allow users having this role from my database to claim and complete the task. how to achieve this.

Also want to understand how to achieve below -

a maker
multiple reviewers
multiple approvers

multiple approvals are required. trying with multi instance user task but if any approver rejects the task should be delegated to the maker and flow should resume in above mentioned sequence.

Please suggest a sample example.

After deploying the process and without starting the process, need to display all activities (i.e. user task/sub process/email task) in my screen and allow the admin of our application to assign a custom role to each. How to achieve this?

i.e. at during execution of task/activity, it will be claimed and completed by the user having the custom role.