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deleteProcessInstance() - Are there any task events fired?

Question asked by cold_gin on Jan 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2014 by cold_gin
Hi. I have two ExecutionListeners, one for process events and one for task events. When I call

deleteProcessInstance(processInstanceId, deleteReason);

the process event listener receives an end event but I do not receive task completed (or cancelled) events in the task listener for the active tasks. Why is that? When I check the DB before and after process deletion I see the process instance and task records get deleted (which is fine), but I wanted to execute some logic in my task event listener for the completed (or cancelled) tasks.

I am currently listening for start/end events on both listeners via the XML configuration. Is there another event type that I can add in order to detect cancellation or completion of the currently active tasks when deleteProcessInstance() is called?

Thanks in advance.