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Activiti in Action [rookie question] Esper integration tutorial

Question asked by thebruuu on Jan 27, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by djcameronsc

I went through the excellent book Activiti in Action and I am a little bit lost
At the beginning I was enthousiastic: not beeing so familiar with Eclispe I managed in few minutes to setup the environment and build my first workflow, uploaded the .bar and tested the workflow in Activiti explorer …
and then .. confusion.
I was expecting the rest of the book to help me enrich this workflow, built in Eclipse…  but then … everything is test oriented …
Tests are definitely important but …  I would like to  get the whole logic before …

Let's talk about example 14.1 . I understand the test logic but how do I build in Eclipse a process which throw events ?

I would like to upload in Activiti a bar file which would send events to the Esper engine
I am aware that the argument is complex so … may you point me to a step by step tutorial?

Thanks in advance,