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Multiple Users for a Task required for Workflow Optimization

Question asked by on Jan 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2014 by martin.grofcik

I am UG student. My guide has assigned me to work on a problem with multiple resources. By saying that I mean that let us say we have an activity or a task which can be completed by three different classes of users (Cat1,2,3) all of them have different efficiency, accuracy and time consumption also each one of them have different cost. Now we have given a certain parameters (minimum requirements) and wish to minimize the cost.

First I looked at BPEL to find if such constructs are available. Then I searched BPMN specification if such things are available. (Looked at Activiti, found it promising.) The closest I have come up is the following image.

But now I would want to  be able to parse the BPMN diagrams I am drawing with the help of BPMN editor to parameterize the constructs and run some algorithms to minimize the cost.

Please suggest Some methodology.