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Designer 5.14 - Task Listener Bug

Question asked by p_wilson on Jan 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2014 by p_wilson
I have just updated to designer 5.14 and am having some issues with new task listeners.

Adding the task listener is proving to be unpredictable.

For example, with a very simple diagram with only two user tasks and a start/end event:-
I can add a task listener to userTask1 and it will save two copies of it.
I will delete to extra task listener and go to add a new (different) task listener to userTask2.
When I input the expression into the listener configuration window and click ok, it will save it on some other task (in this case userTask1 as it's the only other task).

I can then remove this from userTask1 and go back to userTask2 to re-add it there and I will find that it has copied over the listener that should be on userTask1 so that I have the same task listner on both tasks.

Sometimes I end up with the same task listener being copied to muktiple usertasks, other times I end up with all my task listener on a single task.

If I then go in to the code (diagram xml) I can alter the task listeners and everything is fine and the model acts as it should.

I use the task listeners to run an expression on the create event of the user task to update a variable.
This has been tested on both Kepler and Juno, both with the same results.

It's very frustrating and I will have to downgrade back to the previous version of the designer but I won't do that until tomorrow now and was hoping someone out there might have an idea why this could be happening or if this is a known bug.

Thanks in advance.