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Persisting to a Custom Table

Question asked by taher on Feb 3, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by ollib
I am trying to use Activiti to persist to one of my custom tables using the built in functionality.

I am building a workflow process. The process and my business data needs to be in sync. I have tried to achieve this using the example from the Activiti in Action book ( 6.3.2 Implementing a process with JPA extensions).

The object that I am tryings to save is being serialised and saved into Activiti tables. I can confirm that I can retrieve this object but I do not want to save the java object. I want it to create / update a custom business table in the database. I though that this is what the example in the book was all about.

After reading various posts, it has become unclear if this is possible. I have read that I would need to link the Activiti process with my custom business tables using a "reference variable" technique.

Can I use an Activiti process to persist to my custom tables?