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candidateGroup not showing tasks

Question asked by uwehale on Jan 31, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by hemamalini
I'm new to activiti.  Running 5.14 explorer and rest. Using the KIS BPM modeler to design the worklfow.

I'm having a problem with user tasks not showing up for logged in user belonging to a group.

On a user task, I edit the assignments attribute, which brings up the popup.  I select the candidateGroups type and enter systemgroup as the expression.

If I export the mode, the task is defined like this.
<userTask id="test" name="test" activiti:candidateGroups="systemgroup"></userTask>

I'm using a user 'system' logged into explorer.  That user is part of the systemgroup which is of type 'assignment'.

When I create the process instance, the task never shows up in the task list.

If I use the assignee type instead of candidateGroups, the task will show up.
<userTask id="test" name="test" activiti:assignee="system"></userTask>

Does the candidateGroups require a different expression than assignee?  Is there something else I need to configure to get this to work?