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Eclipe - validation of a valor

Question asked by texano1 on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by texano1
Hello Community,

My diagram in Activiti Designer as a decision point where it check if the inputed value (numbers) is shorter or bigger than another fix value. When i use a int number like 10000 or 23552 it works perfectly but when i use a decimal number like 3241,76 the process crashes when validating the decision. I'm currently using "string" in field type witch looks like doesn't not include decimal numbers.. What field type i need to use to make this work?

One of the conditions is:

${reg_ValorNegocioNum <= 50000 && reg_RentabilidadeBrutaPercent >= 30} 
where reg_ValorNegocioNum and  reg_RentabilidadeBrutaPercent are formated as string.

I tried types like decimal and double but when i upload the process to Activiti explorer it says that double and decimal are invalid.

Can someone give me a hint?