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Active Driectory integration

Question asked by kingbee888 on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by jbarrez
Hi Guys,

I'm new with Activiti and I'm trying to setup Activiti Explorer to use LDAP authentication via Active Directory.  I've gotten it to the point where it connects to AD but I'm getting the following error.

10:44:10,333 [http-9090-Processor25] INFO  org.activiti.ldap.LDAPUserManager  - Could not authenticate user Test: Unprocessed Continuation Reference(s) javax.naming.PartialResultException: Unprocessed Continuation Reference(s); remaining name 'DC=corp,DC=test,DC=com'

When searching the forum, it was mentioned that the solution is to set Context.REFERRAL to "follow" in InitialDirContext.

I'm not sure if I'm doing that correct or not.  I tried to set it the following way but I'm still getting the error.
         <property name="groupIdAttribute" value="cn" />
         <property name="groupNameAttribute" value="cn" />
         <property name="customConnectionParameters">
               <entry key="Context.REFERRAL" value="follow" />

Can someone please let me know how to set the customConnectionParameters for that?  I've been trying to figure it out but I'm not getting it.