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REST query task by ID

Question asked by mhanrahan on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by mhanrahan
I'm working on a system that can filter a list of tasks based on a number of possible criteria, such as Task ID, Task Name, Assignee or so on.

I've found that for most of these criteria can use the POST /service/query/tasks action, however I cannot use that action to filter based on the task ID.  For the task ID, I need to use GET /service/runtime/tasks/{id}. 
Having them separate is fine, however using the GET action I will have to retrieve the variables separately using GET /service/runtime/tasks/{id}/variables?scope=local, whereas with the POST action I can simply include the option "includeTaskLocalVariables"

Would it be possible for the behavior of these calls to change so that either the /service/query/tasks action to allow filtering by the task ID or for the GET action to have a query task to include something similar to includeTaskLocalVariables?

This would drastically reduce the amount of code for me to maintain for integration via the REST interface.