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Howto combine roles and organization units to determine correct task list of a user?

Question asked by xman-berlin on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by jbarrez
Dear all,

I struggle to find a solution for a probably common issue. Here's what I try to achieve:
- Our customer's organization is structued into departments.
- There are several common roles for each department as well as unique roles per department.
- There are, of course, several users assigned to the departments (organizational structure) and to some roles within their departments.
- A task need to be assigned to all users having the required role within the required department.

Here's an example:
- An email arrives and will be automatically assigned to a department outside the process engine. The metadata of this email are stored in a database.
- Then the email is assigned to a department.
- Next, only users of a specific role (e.g., email processor), shall see this email in their inboxes.

How can I achive this? I know that I can assign a task to a role (e.g., to the role "email processor"), but only "email processors of a specific department may see their emails.