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Where to deploy .jar file when Java Service Task is used

Question asked by milesma on Feb 14, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2014 by mohsinj677
Hi Activitians,

Short question: Where to deploy .jar file when running test in Activiti Explorer on a bpmn model where Java Service Task is used?

I'm reading the book <Activiti In Action> and came across this question when testing "callActivity" in Chapter 6.

In short, a Java Service Task is used and corresponding class "org.bpmnwithactiviti.chapter6.callactivity.CreditCheckService" is referred in the checkCredit.bpmn20.xml file.

From Eclipse I can use Ant to run the build.xml (located at …\workspace\ActivitiTest\src\main\resources\chapter6\callactivity\build.xml) and I can successfully get following binaries:

I understand what are they; I can upload into Activiti Explorer; However,

My question: Where to deploy callactivity.jar in order for the Activiti Explorer to run?

The places I can think of:
    .m2 repository? I guess no
    somewhere related with tomcat? I still guess no
    then where?
    or do I need to set environment variable?

Currently, when I start an instance of this Process, I will get a warning saying the "org.bpmnwithactiviti.chapter6.callactivity.CreditCheckService" can not be find (which I understand because I never deploy it).

Thank you in advance.