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IntermediateCatchEvent under 5 secondes working only once

Question asked by mathieum on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2014 by mathieum

I am actually refactor my application which uses Activiti.

I am encoutering some issues with IntermediateCatchEvent.
In my workflow, I have an independant process which call a service every 2 second, so I use an intermediateCatchEvent inside :

<intermediateCatchEvent id="timerintermediatecatcheventUUID" name="TimerCatchEvent UUID">

The event is fired fine the first time (after a delay of 2 second) but for the other calls, it seems the timer is not reset :

[17/02/2014 15:20:33.635][default-workqueue-3] Call service…[1]
[17/02/2014 15:20:35.097][default-workqueue-3] Call service…[2]
[17/02/2014 15:20:35.144][default-workqueue-3] Call service…[3]
[17/02/2014 15:20:35.176][default-workqueue-3] Call service…[4]
[17/02/2014 15:20:35.222][default-workqueue-3] Call service…[5]
[17/02/2014 15:20:35.269][default-workqueue-3] Call service…[6]

After a few try, I discover that the same code/process work fine with a timeDuration setted to PT5S (but not under).

Any ideas about this behavior ?

Thanks in advance,

Mathieu M