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Bundling Activiti 5.14 into a bare Karaf container

Question asked by oceanborn on Mar 1, 2014
Hello all,

I currently work as a technical architect for a bank and we are reviewing Activiti as our workflow engine (We have requirements that fit well with a BPM / workflow tool (tracking of business activity, user tasks, event detection in external systems …).

We are making a proof of concept including a deployment into an Apache Karaf container as part of reusing part of the architecture already in place.

A co-worker working on this is currently having issues with bundling Activiti 5.14 into an empty Karaf. He seems that he is stuck with the 5.10 version due to using a service mix feature.

He tried to make a feature for deploying into an empty Karaf container but is facing issues with dependencies. I do not have the specific details yet and will post again on monday to give more info (including the precise Karaf version).

So, if anyone knows of a dedicated feature readily available to pull all the required dependencies independently of ServiceMix or a way to overcome the version limit ?

I googled a bit yesterday and found a project on GitHub ( but I have not succeeded into building it for 5.14 (I changed the version in the POM but it is trying to pull a 5.9 version). There may be more to it and it seems to be bound on ServiceMix.

We are targetting a 1.7 JVM as runtime.

So if anyone can shed a light, that would be appreciated :-)



Some links I found on the topic: