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Modeling the available user actions in the bpmn

Question asked by chala.chitturi on Mar 3, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by jbarrez
I am trying to build an activiti workflow for a business process where the available user tasks changes based on the user task performed in the previous step or state based user actions.

I am referring to the attachment for better understanding (Please see the attachment).

State 1
For example if the user can perform "Log Customer Contact" or "Request Quote" or "Resolve As Loss" user tasks initially. When asked for the list of tasks on the process instance, user will get
1. Log Customer Contact
2. Request Quote
3. Resolve As Loss

Now lets say if the user performs "Request Quote", he should move forward in the workflow where his new set of available user tasks are
1. Complete Quote
2. PO Received

Now lets say if the user perform "Log Customer Contact" instead of performing "Request Quote" as specified in the earlier step, he should move forward in the workflow where his new set of user tasks are
1. Request Quote
2. Customer Commitment

Now the problem is, to make this happen, I have to cancel the other two tasks that are in State-1 so that the process will move forward.
I don't want to complete those tasks automatically as it gives a wrong history.

How do I do that?
(Sorry I could not attach the workflow)