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Task not appearing in Inbox for a process definitation with timer start event

Question asked by manchandap on Mar 10, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by jbarrez
Respected Activiti Experts,

I am exploring usage of Activiti for using in our organization and as part of that doing hands on. I have modified the Financial Report Process available in 10 minutes tutorial to make the start event timer based:

  <startEvent id="timerstartevent1" name="Timer start">
      <!– process will start 4 times, in 5 minute intervals, starting on 10th march 2014, 10:30  –>

I am able to deploy this process using the Activiti Explorer but I am unable to see any task generated for user 'fozzie'.  My understanding is that this timer event should trigger and add tasks for the users. Is it correct understanding?

If this understanding is correct, then how I can create tasks automatically for a user for example, I want a task to be done user, every monday.

i am attaching the complete process definition file as a text file.