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Restart process after exception.

Question asked by mhanrahan on Mar 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2014 by jbarrez
I have a process that is something along the lines of:
Start -> Service Task 1 (async = true) -> Service Task 2 (async = true) -> End.

However Service Task 2 has a chance of throwing an exception, which is fine, as it will only roll back to before Service Task 2.  What I'm unsure about is how to recover from this position if the number of retries is reached.

In the user guide in the section about Exclusive Jobs ( it says:

Activiti will retry the same job for a fixed maximum number of times only ('3' in the default configuration). After that, the job will still be present in the database but not be retried actively anymore. That means that an operator would need to trigger the job manually.

How would this triggering manually be done?  is there an API call to resume a job that has hit the retry limit?  or is it some manipulation of the database that would need to be done in order to achieve this?