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Activiti Modeler

Question asked by bpmnc_user on Mar 19, 2014
I am in a process of creating a web application where Users can create and execute Business processes using objects following BPMN specifications. This would also include custom Task objects created for some special purposes.
I don't want to use the Activiti Explorer web app, but have complete custom UI for it. What I need is to use only the Modeler UI embedded in my webapp, which will be launched directly from within and would not be routed through the explorer webapp.
I have gone through one similar topic, where it was told that a page would be created containing specific steps to do so, but haven't been provided yet.
I have also gone through the source and see that the Modeler UI and the Modeler module are completely separate. If I am wrong, I need some help to sort it as to how can I get the Activiti-Modeler working in my custom web-app without any support from explorer app.