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Important: Activiti 5.15 and MySQL 5.6+ users

Question asked by jbarrez on Mar 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2015 by atifraza
Hello all,

As you probably read, we released Activiti 5.15 last Friday (

Eager users have tried it out already (which is awesome!) and notified us that there is a bug when using MySQL 5.6+ and executing the upgrade scripts (for example

The bug is due to a combination of
1) An upgrade around MySQL timestamp precision (see 'Note for MySQL users' at
2)  Not having a unit test in our QA environment where we test engine upgrades on all databases. So we did have a test for it, but not with the correct type of data that causes this bug.

So we've decided to release a 5.15.1 version shortly.

Master has been switched to this new version (, the bug has been fixed and the upgrade mechanism has been made better ( And of course we've added upgrade tests to cover the bug (

5.15.1 will be a seamless upgrade from 5.15 and any version downwards (starting from 5.7).
We will wait a couple of days to see if any other major bug is uncovered and release it the end of this week.

TL;DR: Are you using MySQL 5.6+: don't upgrade to 5.15 yet, stick to 5.14.  Activiti 5.15.1 will be released shortly.Other databases are fine.

Sorry for any inconvenience this caused. And many thanks to the users who test-drive the Activiti releases!