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Eclipse project not recognized as Maven project

Question asked by adrianneagu on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by julio.sampaio
I create a New Activiti Project the usual way and I get an Eclipse project with a pom.xml file.
I can create diagrams, I can generate JUnit test cases, I can create the .bar file.
My problem is I cannot compile and run any of these JUnit tests.
No Activiti class is recognized (not even JUnit) despite having all these classes
in the .m2 local repository.
In fact, I see that my Activiti project is not recognized as a Maven project by Eclipse:
– there is no Maven entry in the Project contextual menu
– there no "Maven Dependencies" section on the Libraries tab of the Java Build Path dialog

Anyone any idea of how to make the Activiti projects recognized as Maven project by Eclipse?

Some details of my setup:
I'm using Activiti 5.14 (brought into Eclipse through the Eclipse update site as usual)
and I'm using Eclipse Kepler SR2, more precisely the Eclipse DSL distribution
And that has the M2E 1.4.0 Maven plugin included.
Don't know exactly which details are relevant and which ones not. I hope is something trivial
related to my Eclipse setup.

I see others having similar complains but none of the suggestions there applies to my new Activiti project, since it's not understood as a Maven project.