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how to use the activiti in my project

Question asked by kevin000 on Mar 28, 2014
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   i'm a green hand in the activiti area.And i have studied some ordinary activiti knowledge,but i have so many question about it.I wish you can show me some advice.Thank you. my mind,this should be the process to make a activiti project: the process of the project,the process picture and the *.bpmn20.xml file including
         1.2.configure the designed activiti process into my project. eg:configure it to the configuration of the spring
         1.3.add the necessary .jar file to my project
         1.4.add the data sheet to my database
         1.5.then i can use the activiti API to realize my workflow.
      is it like this?

  2.i do not understand how to use the data sheet in my own database.The database is the one that i created before and it is suit for my project and the business.And now ,i want to use the activiti to controller my business,so how can i use the activiti data sheet in my database and project?
    my project also use the mybatis to persistence the data.

  i haven't graduated from college for a long time,so i didn't study the java and the activiti very deep and now i am little confused.

Looking forward to your apply.Thanks so much.