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Activiti Modeler doesn't work on Chrome v.34

Question asked by andrmaim on Apr 14, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by b.schnarr
Used Chrome v34.
Navigate to activiti-explorer ui –>Model workspace –>Edit

Activiti Modeler is not opened.

Error from browser console :
Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function oryx.debug.js:15500
ORYX.Core.Node._init oryx.debug.js:15500
ORYX.Core.Node.construct oryx.debug.js:14998
classDef oryx.debug.js:1819
(anonymous function) oryx.debug.js:10748
(anonymous function) prototype-1.5.1.js:105
(anonymous function) oryx.debug.js:10777
(anonymous function) prototype-1.5.1.js:446
Object.extend._each prototype-1.5.1.js:671
Enumerable.each prototype-1.5.1.js:445
(anonymous function) oryx.debug.js:10776
(anonymous function) prototype-1.5.1.js:105
ORYX.Core.Canvas.ORYX.Core.AbstractShape.extend.addShapeObjects oryx.debug.js:10784
ORYX.Editor.loadSerialized oryx.debug.js:12319
(anonymous function) oryx.debug.js:11308
(anonymous function)

NOTES:  Works good on Firefox

Should be opened.